bohemian mint watercolor wedding stationery-meet me

Hello and thank you for stopping by! My name is Marketa and I am an artist, illustrator, and a watercolor enthusiast. My atelier features a range of work from watercolor wedding invitations, save the dates, menu and escort cards, to custom wedding maps. I went to art school, where I learnt to paint, sculpt and make prints. While I love to work with a variety of art  forms, watercolor is really my spirit medium. Watercolor is all about light, whimsey, and playfulness, and romance which are characteristics I simply love and they are the ethos of Bohemian Mint.

bohemian mint watercolor wedding stationery

Who are you?

I work with brides and grooms who are all about embracing their quirks and who love all things pretty and whimsical. They are free spirits, who are creating their own tradition. Marching to the beat of their own drum. I create stationery for couples who want to do something fun and non-traditional. Creating a custom wedding map? Let’s do it! Adding fun handpainted details? Yes, please! Creating something that hasn’t been seen before? Bring it on! I want you to look at your invitations and smile, feel happy, and know that they represent you as a couple.

Who am I?

I am a full-blooded Bohemian girl, born in the heart of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. After years of living in this cozy European gem as well as some other parts of the world (England, Norway and New York) I made my new home in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I love it here! Besides getting my hands dirty with paint, I am obsessed with running, doing yoga, and drinking gallons of hot tea while I work. Yes, I am a total free spirit and I would rather be nature exploring than being in a city any day and twice on a Sunday.

Why me?

Weddings are personal. They are meaningful. They mean a whole lot. I totally get this and I believe in creating more than just a product- I want to build an incredible experience. I believe in creating a transparent process and an open communication. When I design your wedding stationery, I make myself available to always answer your burning questions. I have been working in the wedding industry for a number of years and I am always willing to share tips on wedding planning or help you find the best wedding sources for you!

watercolor wedding stationery by bohemian mint

Photography credit for some of the gorgeous images on my site goes to the super talented Roxy Hutton from City Girl Searching.